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Athletic Council

Mission statement

The mandate of the Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School's Athletic Council is to promote sport and participation in the school community.


The purpose of our Athletic Council is to:

  • To assist the physical education department staff in promoting and running athletic events, intramurals,
           tournaments, fundraisers, and other special events.
  • To keep track of points for the Athletic Award System.
  • To create a council where individual student leadership skills will be developed. Athletic council members will be
           taking an active role in planning and implementing these activities in the school. 
  • To provide and to give students who demonstrate leadership potential the opportunity to enrich their leadership
  • Opportunity for students to "volunteer" within their school to enhance school life, knowing that they must make
           personal sacrifices in order for this to happen.

What's in it for the student?

Our students gain:

  • great reference on a resume;
  • a chance to develop leadership skills; 
  • an opportunity to give to his/her school; 
  • an opportunity to be a part of a high energy, motivated, committed group; 
  • June dinners as thank-you's;
  •  A great sense of accomplishment for a job well done!

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For more information on our Physical and Health Education courses, call 905-723-5255.

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