Canadian and World Studies and Social Sciences

Canadian, World Studies and Social Sciences program consists of geography, civics, history, law and economics. Students develop skills, knowledge and understanding, and attitudes that will serve them both inside and outside the classroom, including in the world of work and as responsible citizens in the various communities to which they belong.

Canadian and World Studies

The focus in Canadian and World Studies courses is on the development of thinking and transferable skills that students need in order to gain and apply knowledge and understanding. Students will apply concepts of thinking and skills in a number of ways:

  • examine information critically;
  • assess the significance of events, developments and processes;
  • develop an understanding of and respect for different points of view;
  • reach supportable conclusions; and
  • propose solutions to, and courses of actions to address real problems.

There are a wide range of employment opportunities for Canadian and World Studies students, including public institutions such as:

  • municipal offices;
  • libraries;
  • museums and archives;
  • environmental industries such as water management;
  • education;
  • the public service;
  • local not-for-profit organizations;
  • tourism industry; and
  • parks and recreation.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences focus on individual and collective human behaviour and needs as well as patterns and trends in society. Courses explore a number of social structures, institutions, relationships and power dynamics. Our Social Sciences courses provide students with knowledge and transferable skills, such has critical thinking, systematic inquiry and research, that are applicable in various areas of their lives.

Our courses provide students with a foundation for a variety of possible post-secondary destinations:

  • positions in the retail and service industries;
  • college programs in community services (e.g., early childhood education, child and youth work, and developmental services
  • creative endeavours (e.g., food preparation);
  • business (e.g., human resources); and
  • university programs in fields such as:
    • anthropology;
    • business studies;
    • education;
    • environmental studies;
    • family and child studies;
    • food and nutrition sciences;
    • gender studies;
    • health sciences;
    • human resources;
    • psychology;
    • social work; and
    • sociology.

 Our teachers also enhance our program with:

  • special field trips (e.g. Royal Ontario Museum);
  • activities (e.g. School specific events);
  • guest speakers (e.g. Holocaust Survivor); and
  • extra-curricular activities/programs (e.g. Non-profit SHSM, Black History Committee, TED Ed Club)