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Our staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-5255.

Administrators Title Phone Extension
Mr. M. O'Brien Principal 55000
Ms. M. Polidano Vice Principal (A-L) 55004
Ms. S. Melim Vice Principal (M-Z) 55003
Chaplain Title Phone Extension
Mr. D. Dubowits Chaplain 55020
Administrative Assistants Title Phone Extension
Mrs. C. Pineau Senior Secondary School Administrative Assistant 55000
Mrs. I. Ganhao Administrative Assistant - Attendance 55008
Mrs. T. Brennan Administrative Assistant - Finance 55002
Ms. B. Kozak Administrative Assistant - Guidance 55010
Teachers Department/Subject Phone Extension
Mrs. L. Auld Curriculum Chair, Mathematics 55025
Mrs. L.-A. Biddiss Teacher 41991
Mrs. A. Butler  Curriculum Chair, Physical Education/Health 55016
Mrs. R. Cain Teacher/Librarian of Learning Commons  55009 / 41349 
Ms. P. Campbell Teacher 42262
Mrs. M. Cannon Guidance Counsellor, L-Z
55032    / 55012
Mr. M. Closs Teacher 41351
Mrs. P. Cucinato-Buxcey Teacher 41353
Mrs. L.-A. Cutaia Teacher 41354
Mr. T. Davidson Curriculum Chair, Science 55024
Mr. G. Dennis Interim Curriculum Chair, Guidance, Guidance Counsellor, A-K 55013
Mrs. L. Di Ianni Curriculum Chair, English/French/Modern Languages 55023
Mr. J. Dixon Secondary Teacher for the Blind  ------
Mrs. P. Doyle Teacher 41358
Mr. M. Drake Teacher 41359
Mr. M. Ellsworth Teacher 41362
Mr. J. Fortier Teacher 41431
Mrs. N. Fragomeni-Harvey Teacher 41364
Mr. M. Francis  Teacher 41365 
Mr. B. Gallagher Teacher 41366
Mrs. C. Giasson Teacher 41179
Mr. C. Goddard Teacher 40511
Mr. G. Guerreiro Teacher 41367
Mrs. G. Hamilton Teacher 41368
Mr. P. Hapon Curriculum Chair, Business/Comp. Stud./Tech. 55015/41300
Mr. G. Harvey Teacher 41370
Mr. P. Hooftman Teacher 41371
Mrs. S. Jakabfy Teacher 41373
Mrs. M. Kasprzak Teacher 41375
Mrs. K. Kelly Teacher 41376
Mr. T. Kelly Teacher 40370
Mr. H. Lack Curriculum Chair, Cdn. World Studies / Social Science 55018
Mrs. K. Lajoie Teacher 40097
Ms. K. Lee Teacher 41380
Ms. C. Longo Teacher 22363
Mr. S. Longauer Curriculum Chair, Arts 55022
Mr. T. Mahoney Teacher 40374
Mrs. D. Matthews-Altieri Teacher 40271
Mrs. C. Maugeri-Schuck Curriculum Chair, Guidance, Guidance Counsellor, A-K 55013
Mrs. K. McCloskey Student Success Teacher 41191 / 55032
Mr. G. Mitchell Teacher 41382
Mrs. L.-A. Mueller Teacher 41383
Mr. J. O'Neill Curriculum Chair, Religion 55033
Mrs. S. Pereira Teacher 57157
Mr. D. Pigeau Teacher 41390
Mr. P. Redmond Teacher 41394
Mr. J. Rogers  Teacher 41395 
Mr. A. Salmers Teacher 42140
Mr. D. Scott Teacher 41398
Ms. O. Smith Teacher 40532
Mrs. L. Spiers Teacher 40451
Ms. T. St. Pierre Teacher 41227
Mr. E. Staresinic Co-op Teacher 55028
Ms. K. Talbot Teacher 41401
Ms. G. Tessarolo Curriculum Chair, Program Support / Learning Commons 55014
Mr. R. Tomsic Teacher 41402
Mr. C. Traynor Teacher 41403
Mr. B. van Asten  Teacher 41405 
Mr. M. van Rhee Teacher 41404
Mr. B. Wray Teacher 41406
Mr. L. Whyte Teacher 41241
Mrs. H. Yanchus Teacher 41407
Revised: 8/26/2019  MO'B:cp    
Educational Assistants Title Phone Extension
Mrs. M. Ayres Educational Assistant 41163
Mrs. C. Baxter Educational Assistant 40047
Mr. M. Behrens Educational Assistant  40151
Mr. N. Garacci Educational Assistant 42388
Mrs. M. Hampson Educational Assistant 41369
Mrs. J. Laundry Educational Assistant 41988
Mrs. J. Judge Educational Assistant 40059
Mrs. D. McDonald Educational Assistant 41552
Mrs. H. Nunes (Connors) Educational Assistant 41352
Mrs. R. Ratchford Educational Assistant   41393
Mrs. A. Robitaille Educational Assistant 41889
Mrs. M. Rodney Educational Assistant 41989
Mrs. J. Saunders Educational Assistant 41396
Custodial Staff: Title Phone Extension
Mr. B. Burd Chief Custodian 55029
Mr. A. Branton Custodian  
Mr. L. Brown Custodian  
Mr. G. Erhardt Custodian  
Mrs. G. Janczak Custodian  
Mr. D. MacInnis Custodian  
Mr. A. Spiak Custodian  
Lunch Hour Supervisors: Title Phone Extension
Mrs. R. Akasheh Lunch Hour Supervisor n/a
  Lunch Hour Supervisor n/a
Mrs. L. Tuepah Lunch Hour Supervisor n/a

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